Book Reading Challenge - 2011

Hello and welcome to the Book Reading Challenge 2011, that will be launched from 28th of March 2011 and will actually be on from 1st April 2011 to 31st May 2011. 

What is the aim of this challenge? 
The aim of this challenge is quite simple. We want to promote reading - and we specifically want to promote reading of a genre you might not have read before.

Who are the organizers? 
This reading challenge has been organized by In My Bookshelves, a book review site, Of Books and Reading, also a book review site, and Book Readers Lounge, a blog, or rather a group that connects people who love reading and introduces them to various little known Indian authors.

What do you mean by a reading challenge?
By a reading challenge, we mean a challenge to yourself - challenge to read a certain number of books in a particular period of time. Here, we also give you a fixed theme.

What is your theme this year? 
For 2011, our theme is India - thus, we include books by Indians, about Indians, and about India.

Can anyone participate? 
Yes, people of all age groups, bloggers and non-bloggers may participate. We have a number of different levels to make it easier for readers of all types to enter.

How do I enter?
First of all, read our FAQs for more information on this event. Then, click here to be led to our sign-up sheet. After this, you may click here for a compilation of various books you might read for this challenge.

What will entering here entail? 
We will not send you junk emails or waste your time. If you want to be contacted, leave us your email address to get reminders not more often than once a week. Also, you will be invited to our blogs every week (or as often as you'd like to come) to share your experience with the books that you've been reading. We look forward to seeing you here.

Come join us for discussion 1! Alternatively, you can even reply here!

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