Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book Reading Challenge 2011 Book List

Below is a compilation of various book lists that list great books you may read for this challenge. Just a recap of the rules:

The book does not need to be part of these lists in order to be considered eligible for this competition. The only requirements are that it must be:
- Either written by an Indian (or Indian origin author); or
- Set primarily in India;
- About India.
(Note: A single short story would not be considered eligible, however a whole book on short stories, all of which follow the above guidelines, would.)

This list is intended to be more of a guiding point for anyone wondering what kind of books they may read for this competition.

1. A Wikipedia alphabetical list of Indian Authors, linking to their page.
2. A list of 'Important and Famous' books by Indian authors.
3. A great discussion on Indian books to read before you die.
4. An excellent list on the top ten Indians authors writing in english.
5. Great, comprehensive list on Indian authors and books set in India.
 6. An amazon list on contemporary Indian authors.
7. Another great list on contemporary Indian authors.

(Note: All book lists are compiled by the original authors and are not our property in any way. Also note, that if you've seen another great list to add here, simply leave me a link below and I'll add it.)

Click here to read some reviews by In My Bookshelves on Indian books or go here to see some Indian books promoted by Book Readers Lounge or click here to check out some Indian books by Of Books and Reading.

Happy reading!

Click for more info, click for sign-ups, and click for faqs.


  1. Great initiative Sakhi. =)

  2. Interesting initiative. Haven't generally read Indian authors of recent times. Maybe I will this year.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Just signed up for the Challenge, and thanks for the list. It will be helpful.

  5. Hi all of you!
    Welcome to the challenge! I hope you have a GREAT time doing it. :)


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