Saturday, April 2, 2011

Interview: Shrenik Mutha

Today I have on my blog Shrenik Mutha, author of Broken Hearts, which I reviewed on my blog yesterday. 
Welcome, Shrenik. 

1. I'd like to begin this interview by asking you what kind of books are there on your bookshelf? What books are you reading right now? Which genre of books do you generally read? Which books do you re-read again and again?
If you speak about what I read then my reply will be everything what I can. I love to read everything from old news papers to my old school books and from magazines to novels. But speaking of proper reading and my bookshelf, it more or less consists of books in the fiction and romance genre. Also, books on physics, sci-fi and mysteries make up a remarkable part of it.

Speaking of those books which I re-read again and again are ‘The grand universe’ by Stephen Hawkings, ‘I too had a love story’ by Ravinder Singh, ‘Many lives, many masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss and books by Roger Penrose.

2. Tell us something about your work before "Broken Hearts"?

Broken Hearts is my debut novella. I have never written anything professionally before this. I definitely wrote for me personally which included things like poems for me, my family and friends and also on all things what I saw in nature. I always have preferred writing poems compared to prose. In fact, writing for me and the people around me is actually what has made me an author today.

3. Did you always want to be a writer? How did you get into writing? What inspired you to write "Broken Hearts"?
            I never thought of myself as a writer before I actually came across this part of me. But I guess this is the plan what the almighty had for me. Maybe that is why today I’m one. What is fabulous was the way he unfolded his plan in front of me. It was actually a few incidents after which I thought of writing my life down.

            The phase of life called teenage is so special for every individual. This phase of my life led to the commencement of writing in my life.

4. What kind of people do you think this book will reach out to?
I target the teenage audience for Broken Hearts. College and school going people will be a significant part of this group. Frankly speaking, I think this book will reach out to every person who has ever experienced what true love is, to that every person who has experienced the pain of seeing his love go away. But always remember guys and girls, if it does not work out, make it work out. Just hold on to what is true and one day, it will.

5. What is your favourite thing about books and reading? How have books made an impact on your life?
            Well books and reading make up an integral part of me. Reading has been in my blood. From my grandfather, my dad, my brother to me, reading is like an addiction. Books like “The Secret” and “The Twilight Saga” have had a huge impact on my life.

6. Quick take. Answer the following with the first words/phrase that comes to your mind, in five words or less:
Love – A bond essential to live.

Life – Balanced mix of pain and happiness. 

-  Struggles in love – Make a love story complete.  

Jack (the character) – I guess me.

Books – The heart of me.

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