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Theodore Boone by John Grisham

Theodore Boone, by John Grisham, was a thoroughly enjoyable book.

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

A little background. My parents, when they got back from their trip, brought back two books: Theodore Boone by John Grisham and the White Tiger, by Aravind Adiga. I have wanted to read the latter for a long time, but since my father is currently reading it, and my mother recommended the former to me, I decided to pick up Theodore Boone. I started reading it at eight in the morning, before I had to go school. By eight-thirty, when I had to catch the bus, I had finished around a hundred pages. By about three, I had finished the entire book.

And I wasn't bored for a single moment.

Theodore Boone is a story set in small-town America, where one of the largest trials ever witnessed in the small-town is about a happen - a trial to convict a man who seems to have murdered his wife. The entire town is abuzz about it. Cue in Theo Boone, a thirteen year old kid, who knows more lawyers, judges, and other officials in the judiciary than any one else in the town, who wants nothing more than to become a lawyer, and who somehow ends up getting deeply involved in the murder case when a mysterious eye-witness contacts him about it. This book is about Theo's struggles between his promise to the witness to his desire for justice - while at the same time facing normal thirteen-year-old problems like girls, and school and teachers.

I think the best part about the book is the characters. The main character, Theo, is immensely fun to read about. He's intelligent, thoughtful, honorable, and knows "more law than most lawyers". He's friends with the judge who is going to conduct the murder trial. He has hacked into the website of the court recorder in order to stay abreast with the developments in the trial. He helps friends and teachers alike by giving them legal advice: whether it is on foreclosure, or a divorce settlement, or a case of drug possession. In short: he's rather cool. Despite all of this, however, he doesn't come across as a wonder-kid. He comes across as a normal, human boy who needs help, who messes up sometimes, and who loves law. And if you need one reason to read this book - its for Theo.

But Theo is not the only interesting character in this book. His father, Woody Boone, is a real estate lawyer. His mother, Marcella Boone, is a divorce lawyer. His uncle, Ike, is an ex-lawyer who can now only file tax statements. Even in a reasonably short book, Grisham is able to tell you about all of these people in a way that makes you feel like you know them intimately. He uses great descriptive skills to tells you a few things about all of them that make them interesting, and loveable, and make you want to read more and more about them. And yet these people are not super-human, either. They're simple, and make mistakes, and hypocritical at times. It doesn't matter. You still like them. Even other, smaller characters, are fun to read about - from Judge Granty to Theo's Government teacher, to the various other small characters who make up the judicial system are very interesting to read about, especially when you see them from the eyes of Theo.

The book is very well-written. Fast-paced and full of suspense, it is hard to put down this book for even a moment. The writing is clean and simple and very easy to read. The book is of a reasonable length. The plot is very interesting, and well-thought out. I like the motivations of all the characters. The setting is well thought-out. All in all, this book is a treat to read. I guess it was especially enjoyable for me as an aspiring law student, but I'm sure anyone who likes to read will love to read this book.

Final words: Prepare yourself for a few hours of fun as you see Grisham doing what he does best. Theodore Boone is truly the work of a master.


  1. i TOTALLY want this book.....=)after i finish the bartimaeus trilogy.....sakhi this blog is so cool!!!! u know that right??? i mean this way i already know what to read and what not to!!! =)
    u made choosing books so EASY for me!!! thanks so much!

  2. Hey Aanal!!
    I will definitely lend you this book, whenever you finish with Bartimaeus Trilogy. I really thought it was a great book.

    And thanks so much for reading it! It's the highest compliment you could pay me.

    BTW, I really look forward to your opinions on the books you read from here.

  3. hey.......u know WHAT???? well....your review of the Bartimaeus trilogy was SO osm that it made me read it......but the book was downright BORING!!!! :(
    well.....get theodore boone to school whenever you read this post! =)
    ps- no offence (about the trilogy being boring)

  4. Haha, no offense taken. I'd be the first person to tell you that the day two people agree point-to-point about a book is the day when I will say mankind has lost its ability to think and/or the book is not worth reading.

    I'll bring you the book tomorrow.

  5. I read this book recently.. and enjoyed it..
    I am big fan of John Grisham's..
    Nice Review..

    You can find my review on this book here :

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for commenting. :) I'm glad you liked it.


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